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"Our community health workers play a valuable role in connecting underserved populations to the health and social services they need."


“People have been super grateful of these items, including the big heavy blankets. We had someone come in and tell our housing case managers that they have been homeless outside for years and even though they have a ton of blankets – a heavy one like that is life-changing in this weather."

Heather Cochrell – Quality Behavioral Health – Asotin County 02/01/2023

“We are using the Character Strong Social-Emotional Curriculum with our students on a regular basis.  The teachers love having the materials readily available and have a weekly schedule of instruction.  Last summer I was able to take all of the staff to the national conference (in Tacoma) so that they could have first-hand training in its use.  I don't have any hard data about the effectiveness of the program yet.  We didn't have a lot of discipline before and still don't, but I feel that the deeper life characteristics that are taught in this program will be internalized with consistent use and be life-long values for our community .”

Gerald Grubbs – Starbuck School District – Columbia County 01/05/2023

“Every day in Special Education highlights another issue, another need, another opportunity. Today, I’d like to highlight the opportunity that we received with the Adaptive PE Grant. Each student in Special Education has a unique set of challenges and gifts. Each student also shares in the need for movement, endurance, strength, and participation. When students are limited in their mobility, or their ability this makes meeting those needs within the General PE class very challenging. With the Adaptive PE Grant, we were able to purchase equipment that provides our Special Education students the ability to fully participate with equipment that may be bigger, softer, brighter, or easier to use. The grant allowed us to purchase large balls that are not as intimidating when being thrown, they are easier to see and much easier to handle with students who have limited dexterity. This is opening up the response within the students to engage with less fear and it is allowing them to participate more. Within our small school, there is an opportunity to engage in parallel activities. When some students are playing a game or practicing a skill, our Special Education students now can play or practice at the same time with the adaptive equipment. Imagine batting practice for one group of students and ring toss for the Special Education students. Togetherness yet adapted to each groups set of needs. Purchasing resistance bands, a stationary bike, and other equipment is allowing our Special Education students to work on cardiovascular exercise, coordination, and small motor skills. Having equipment that is easy to use, at the ready, and fun! It is also bridging the gap between General PE classes and Special Education PE because now the Special Ed classes have all this really cool equipment that everyone wants to have fun with! It is opening doors and opening relationships. Thank you for your generosity with the Adaptive PE Grant and thank you for helping all of our students regardless of the limitations but especially because of their gifts – they are moving and having fun while connecting with others.”

Tanya Patton, Special Education Teacher, Dayton High School, Columbia County 01/04/2023

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